Squash the Bug


Download PDF

Squash the Bug is an Adapted PE visual to be used in basketball units. The download is a set of 12 poly spots that can be used as station markers, or as a visual so students know where to dribble, shoot or bounce pass a ball. I got the idea for this from a colleague Alexia F., but credit must also go to our mentor Noel F.


Step 1- Download PDF

Step 2- Print: The pdf is good to print 1 and 2 sided,  flip on long edge. Print in color.2019-03-18_11-25-43

Step 3- Laminate: I recommend getting your own laminator this one is brilliant, its cheap and I’ve had it 4 years and put it to good use.

Please be extra careful when using these spots, they can be slippery on gym floors.


Step 4- Use:

squash the bug.gif

UPDATE: Projector Game


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