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I am a British Adapted P.E. Teacher in Northern Virginia, I love my job and like to learn and share ideas. Tweet @ me


Digit the APE is based on a stuffed toy I received as a gift from my grandparents after they returned from Africa, my son has now inherited the toy (my wife is creeped out by him). I also like it as I look a little bit like an gorilla! Originally from England, I have been working in education and with children with special needs since I first came over to the states in 2011 in a variety of roles from adventure sports instructor, paraprofessional, substitute teacher, special education teacher, PE teacher, and now Adapted PE teacher. I absolutely love my job and the kids I work with. I am here to share resources and ideas. 


Tech in A.P.E.- Cricut Cutting Machine
Tech in A.P.E. – Nebula Projector
Squash the Bug! 1


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4. Nebula! <– Click here to learn more

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3. Preschool Motor Group Structure <– Click to read blog article


2. Squash the Bug <–Click for instructions and link to download [Free]


1. Recommended Equipment<– Here is a curated list of equipment I use in my classroom.