Information for parents

Please click the links below to review the sizing guide for shirts and EnrichEd policies.

Sizing guide for youth shirts


EnrichEd Concussion Policy

It is the policy of EnrichEd to engage in the education and prevention of concussions to promote the safety of youth players.  A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that presents a serious risk to youth players.  EnrichEd adopts this policy in accordance with Virginia’s Student Athlete Protection Act (VA Codes 22.1-275.1).  The policy consists of annual concussion education, rules regarding removal of play, and rules regarding return to play.

EnrichEd Code of Conduct

EnrichEd promotes an environment free from harassment and bullying where youth players can relax and enjoy participating in activities.  All participants in EnrichEd’s programs are expected to abide by EnrichEd’s code of conduct which requires treating others with respect and refraining from offensive behavior.